Watching Chipmunk adventure in the office.

Watching Chipmunk adventure in the office.

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Damnit. We lost. Oh well. Guess ill head back to NCIS and crash in Abbys lab.

Dear Capitals please end this game. I have to report to NCIS at 0800. Thank you.

Caps win!!!!!!!!!! Yahooooooooooo!!!!!!! Flying back to DC on a redeye tonight. Back to work first thing in the morning.

Son of a bitch its going to game 7!!! Eff u Boston. On the bright side, the people sitting next to us just gave us their game 7 seats since they r going to have to work. Wahooooooooo sorry Director Vance we’re headed to Boston!

Guess where we are?

I’ll give you a hint: hockey.

That’s right. Capitals game baby! I won four playoff tickets the other day on my way to NCIS and Josh and I invited Tony and Ziva along. Double date. Bad enough they were caught on the kiss cam Hehehehe.

Ask me anything about NCIS, Gibbs, the Team, whom/whatever, I will tell all!

I know! I know! I haven’t been on in ages.

Things around NCIS have been, interesting.  Let’s just leave it at that.  Yeah.

I saw McAbby making out in the stairwell.  I saw nothing.

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cardinaire said: So how much is that TIVA pool up to now?

This is how it works.  You place a bet.  Any amount.  If Tiva gets together when you say it would happen, then everyone in the pool has to pay you that amount.  Right now there are fifty people partaking in the Money Pool.  I bet 200 bucks.  You do the math. :)

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